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About Hypnotherapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a distinctive therapeutic approach using an array of techniques and tools that are crucial, not just in teaching you how to communicate with your subconscious mind, but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blockages may be there.

How does it work?

Breakthroughs are achieved by understanding and fixing the root cause, rather than just addressing the symptoms of the presenting issue. This is why RTT® has such a permanent all-pervasive impact, as it erases and eradicates issues at the core for life-changing benefits.


Habits are run by our thoughts. By changing our thoughts and reprogramming our mind, we are able to change our habits. Unhealthy eating habits, fears & phobias, low self-esteem, sex & relationship issues, addictions or emotional and physical conditions, can all be deep-rooted in events from the past and beliefs associated with said events.


During a RTT hypnotherapy session, we will identify the root-cause of the issue using regression, eradicate the old belief and reframe the mind to install new positive beliefs... all of this by communicating with the subconscious mind, but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blockages there may be and reprogramming your mind for success.

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Working From Home

What should I expect from a session?

You will work alongside myself, your therapist, and together we will uncover the meaning and interpretation of events that have happened in your past that might still have a negative impact on your life.

You session can be done online or in person. This will not affect the results.

I will use specific techniques to purposefully help you to deal with ‘unfinished business’,  and to address the pain that you have felt for many years.

If you have never been hypnotised before, then don't expect to be hypnotised:

  • You will not be asleep but in a deep state of relaxation.

  • We will have a conversation so I need you to be awake.

  • You will be in full control and can stop at any moment.

  • During deep sleep, the brain is experiencing Delta frequency band. You will only reach Alpha which is the same state as being very relaxed or passive attentive.

  • Under hypnosis, your mind will bring up important scenes from your past that have all to do with your current issues.

  • Once we have discussed the scenes and identify the root cause, we can work on a fantastic transformation to reprogram your mind with positive beliefs, getting rid of the presenting problem.

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